Resource Usage Policy

The Resource Usage Policy is in place to protect the QoS (Quality of Service) for every customer and the hosting service as a whole. In a shared hosting environment resources are shared between all sites hosted on each hosting server. Individual sites are not allowed to over utilize or "usurp" server resources in such a manner that negatively impacts the QoS for other customers. Keep in mind, these rules are not actively enforced or monitored, but are in place as a reference should an issue occur. Sites found to be affecting the QoS in a negative manner will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

General Rules

  1. Disk space may not be used for the online storage of backups or data warehousing
  2. Adult content of any sort is strictly prohibited
  3. All interactive chat web applications are strictly prohibited on's servers. This includes, but is not limited to, chat applications written in PHP, Perl, CGI, Python, Ruby, etc. Any web application that provides 'real-time' chat is not permitted. Shoutboxes, Chatboxes and other web based chat programs other than those specifically provided by are prohibited.
  4. Stats programs and scripts are forbidden as are any site(s) that exist solely to gather stats and data from other sites, databases, games, servers or any other source.
  5. Web applications that are out of date and actively being exploited will be shut down immediately without prior notice
  6. (SEO) farms, search engine spiders/indexers or similar are strictly forbidden on's networks
  7. Banner and link exchanges are not permitted
  8. File and image hosting is not permitted
  9. Offering free hosting and free email hosting is not permitted
  10. Absolutely no proxy scripts, rapidshare/rapidleech scripts, torrent trackers, bittorrent or any other script that uses unfair resources is allowed
  11. Hate sites, hacking/hacker related sites, sites promoting illegal activity,hacking tools, mail bombing or spam scripts, or forums and web sites that distribute or promote warez content are expressly forbidden
  12. Game servers, muds and online RPGs are forbidden on our networks

Resource Restrictions

  1. Processes may not use more than 16 MB of RAM
  2. Processes may not take longer than 15 seconds to execute
  3. Processes may not create core-dumps
  4. You may not run more than 5 simultaneous processes on your account
  5. Processes may not "fork" or spawn sub-processes
  6. Bots, services, daemons or any other program that listens on a particular port or ports are strictly forbidden
  7. Each MySQL user is limited to 15 concurrent connections
  8. Databases are limited to 1 GB's
  9. There is a limit of 1500 MySQL queries per hour
  10. Remote database connections are only permitted for administrating a database. You may not access a database hosted on's servers from a remote script or program
  11. HTTP connections may not exceed 50 simultaneous connections from a single IP
  12. There is an 8 MB attachment limit on emails
  13. Free hosting accounts are limited to sending 60 emails per hour
  14. POP3 email accounts may not be "polled" more than 60 times per hour
  15. Mailing lists and mailing list software are forbidden
  16. All mail sent must comply with the rules set out in
  17. Direct SMTP mailing scripts are forbidden, you may only send mail through the SMTP software installed on the server, using sendmail or connecting via SMTP
  18. Any sort of spam is forbidden
  19. Cron-jobs may not run more frequently than at 15 minute intervals. Scripts started from cron should always be started with a high nice value so as to not slow the server. This is very important if the task to be done is very CPU intensive (such as compressing backups etc). This can be done by placing "nice -n 19" before the command. Crons found that are not "niced" may be removed without notice.


These resource usage policies are not actively monitored;. however, in the event that a site is found to be negatively affecting the quality of service, these rules will be enforced. Sites in violation of any provision of this document, or otherwise deemed by staff to be using excessive resources, may be disabled or suspended. The site owner will be notified and required to take steps to correct the cause of any issues. Sites found in violation of a major rule (adult or illegal content) will be suspended and possibly terminated at our sole discretion.